Teamsters Local 710 was one of the founding Locals that made up the International Brotherhood of Teamsters upon its establishment on October 1, 1903, and was issued its First Charter as the “Packinghouse Teamsters and Chauffeurs Union” on the same day that the IBT was established. The Local was located across from the Great Chicago Stockyards on Halsted Street for more than One Hundred Years, even after the permanent closing of the stockyards in 1971.

The office of Local 710 was originally located in the Drovers Bank Building at 4200 South Halsted Street, occupying room 201, until the entire building was destroyed by fire in April of 1934. Most of the early records of the Local were destroyed in the fire as well, save for the record of minutes of its membership and executive board meetings going back to the early 1920’s.

After the fire, the office of Local 710 was relocated to a building at 4217 south Halsted; into a two story building, converted from a tavern on the first floor and apartments on the second floor; this building was to become Local 710’s home for the next seventy years or so. During the post-war era, the country was experiencing rapid economic growth and as Local 710 had added the freight industry and the small package industry to its membership rolls as well, the Local 710 membership began to grow quickly. The building was completely remodeled in 1957, adding an entire two story addition to the north side of the building, which expanded the space for the front office as well as providing small private offices for the Business Agents as well as Executive offices for the leadership of the Local. As the Benefits Funds were established in the mid 1950’s it became necessary to provide office space for the Pension and Health and Welfare Funds, so the union added another two story addition to the south side of the building which provided office space for the Funds to operate, but it also expanded the Union Meeting Hall by doubling its floor space; to accommodate a growing membership which had reached into the Twenty-five thousand member range by the mid-sixties.

As time progressed, the membership in the meat industry waned as a result of the majority of beef packing having moved out of Chicago. However, The Local had become a much more diversified Union, now representing members in many different types of work and industries. Following the trends of the seventies and eighties, the members of Local 710 and the Companies that employ them had gradually been moving to the suburbs of Chicago. As a result, the location of the Union Hall became inconvenient for the membership to attend the membership meetings or to conduct their normal business with the Benefit Funds, and it had now become apparent that the Union and the Benefit Funds must relocate to a location closer to the members that they serve. In 2008, a review of the Benefit Funds participants determined that the majority of the membership resided in an area roughly situated between the city of Chicago border and the far southwest suburbs. With this information a search for a suitable location was begun, which ultimately resulted in the construction of the new Teamsters Local 710 Facility.

Now located in Mokena, Illinois; Teamsters Local 710 has been strategically located between three major Interstate highways, namely I-80, I-57 and I-55; that reach to the vast majority of its members including; Iowa, Indiana and southern Illinois. Local 710 has positioned itself to be easily accessible to its widespread membership. With its professional staff of Officers, Business Agents and Representative/ Organizers, Local 710 has the strength and resources it takes to continue its proud history of safeguarding and improving the lives of its membership through excellence in representation.